25 Easy Life Hacks For Everyday Problems

1.) Mount your phone in your car with just one elastic band 2.) Use paper clips to find the end of a roll of tape 3.) Cut open a tennis ball. It will now hold almost anything. 4.) Charge your phone while in airplane mode. 5.) Use the spring from a pen to strengthen cords. 6.) Use a bobby pin to get ALL of your toothpaste. 7.) Cheap pants hangers from stores create awesome bag clips. 8.) Here's how to tie a tie. 9.) Keep your pet food fresh and handy in a pitcher. 10.) Use shower curtain hooks to organize purses. 11.) Put a laundry basket in the tub with baby, it'll keep the toys organized. 12.) Empty paper egg cartons can help cool down your laptop. 13.) check eggs fresh or old. 14.) How to make hand Puppets. 15.)